A Smuggler in the Forest is a main story quest in ArcaniA.

Acquisition Edit

Given by Gromar after completing Melgan's Tomb.

Walkthrough Edit

The gate is located in the western part of the village. Speak with Ivy and go west and soon you will find Diego. You can speak with him or fight without any beginning. During this fight you must watch out for his stronger attack (a green color will appear). It is good to run away from him and attack after he will miss you. The fight will be over, when your opponent will has his health low. He will promise that he will leave this island after the test - you will have to kill some goblins. Go north-east and use the road leading to the shore. When you will be there you will have to kill two goblins. Good idea is to attack the weaker goblin first. When he will be dead, you take care of the strongest one. Remember to use your shield to parry opponents hits. After the battle, search all dead bodies. Take two goblins cudgels and remember that the strongest goblin has a special rune of four winds. Moreover, you will find a chest there. Return to Diego. You can ask him about the ship and king Rhobar III. After the conversation, you will get an old cudgel.

Rewards Edit

  • 75 EXP
  • 125 EXP for defeating Diego
  • 31 for defeating weaker goblins
  • 50 for defeating black goblins
  • Old Cudgel
  • What, No Bow?

Results Edit

  • Unlocks the quest, What, No Bow?

Notes Edit

  • You can kill the turtles on the beach to gain delicate meat from them.
  • Rune of Four Winds is a useful item, especially for long distances. Set it to a fast key to enable it quickly if needed.

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