Blood Vipers is a group of mercenaries, under the command of Drurhang that appears in ArcaniA.

History Edit

Before ArcaniA Edit

At an unspecified time and place Drurhang founded Bloody Vipers. After some time, mercenaries allied with the king, Rhobar III. Along with its ringleader, they proved to be very helpful during the unification of the kingdom, fighting with Nordmar and Varant armies.

ArcaniA Edit

When they South Islands, Blood Vipers betray Rhobar III and go rogue under the influence of Xesha. They are responsible for the raid on Feshyr and abduction Milten, Diego and Lord Hagen. In an act of revenge, the hero kills the leader of the organization, Drurhanga and its most important members.

Known Members Edit

  • Drurhang - leader and probably the founder of the group.
  • Cerone - former Milten informant turned traitor.
  • Yet - guard of Thorniarze bastion.
  • Fourteen officers whose names are unknown.

Trivia Edit

  • The suits worn by members of the Blood Viper, are also used by the guards in the Black Toni.
  • Although members of the group are not seen carrying bows, Ivy is found shot by an arrow.

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