Demon is a creature encountered on Southern Islands.

Background Edit

Demons are strong, cunning and possessing magical abilities race. It is believed that the demons are intelligent, and they come in straight from Hell. It is doubtful that this is so, but they look like creatures that could have come from there - two powerful wings, two human hands under the wings, its mouth full of sharp fangs exhaling poison, heavy, resembling a snake's tail, and, in addition, can breathe fire. They seem to communicate with each other telepathically, but its not clear if they can communicate through other means as well as not completely clear the power of their telepathic powers.  There is a clear hierarchy among demons - the older one have purple skin and larger wings - such beasts are generally recognized to the rest as the leaders and are code-named demon lords. Little is known about Demons origins - there are only a legend, according to which they are called upon in this world from some unimaginable depths by magicians or necromancers, but the extent of their intelligence and the nature of their powers, the laws of reproduction and habitat have been little studied.

Notes Edit

Gallery Edit

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