Drurhang is the leader of the Blood Vipers, organization of mercenaries, once allied with Rhobar III, that appears in ArcaniA.

History Edit

Before ArcaniA Edit

At an unspecified time and place Drurhang founded Bloody Vipers. After some time, mercenaries allied withthe king. Along with its ringleader, they proved to be very helpful during the unification of the kingdom.

ArcaniA Edit

Drurhang under the command of Rhobar III, arrives at the South Islands. However, he decides to betray the king under the influence of demon Xesha. Under her command, Blood Vipers attack and destroy the village of Feshyr,. They do it because it is a man from this island will kill Xesha. Later in the game, he kidnaps and ties Milten, Diego and Hagen. Shepherds after the release of his comrades, fights with Drurhangiem and his fourteen officers eventually killing them. In this way, the organization of mercenaries under the command of Drurhanga is terminated. Cerone is pleased with these news.

Character Traits Edit

Gallery Edit

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