Ethorn VI is the current king of Southern Islands appearing in ArcaniA.

History Edit

ArcaniA Edit

After defeating Xeshy the nameless hero in the royal city Ethorn VI with Thorus and Grosh celebrate ritual Releases and take authority over the demon.

ArcaniA: Fall of Setarrif Edit

Ethorn VI took power over the demon, because it considered that it was the last chance to defend against Myrtanians. After defeating the Paladins, Grosh took off his spell with Dreamer, shouting at the Beliar. Then, the demon led to the total destruction of the city and the obsession of many people and animals. The king himself hit his head and woke up locked in a cell in his hideout. With slavery saves him Nameless, defeating archdemon. After all Myrtana and argan sign a peace pact.

Character Traits Edit

He has two daughters - Karell and Lisha, who after the death of his father take over the Southern Islands. He also has a brother - Lord Gawa, who is Baron Srebrowodu. Ethorn residence located in the capital - Setarrif on the island Argaan. The king is a great fighter, during one of the short stories Heard in the Cleaved Maiden own defeats shadowbeast.

Gallery Edit

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