Feshyr is a small island with few inhabitants, mostly farmers. Feshyr is the starting location for the Arcania game.

The next island is Argaan.

The IslandEdit

The island is semi circular in shape and has a relatively large mountain with a path leading up to it. Several caves are located on the island where goblins and other evil creatures reside. Most of the island has steep cliffs leading to the sea.

The VillageEdit

Melgan, known as "the hero of Feshyr", was named as the founder of the village on Feshyr by Gromar, a descendant of Melgan. The village is small and gated to protect it from attacks by goblins. The road leading to the mountain is blocked off to villagers because of the danger of the area, and a key is required from Gromar to unlock it. The nameless hero lives in a small hut outside the village. The village is situated on a clifftop location and the main buildings are a town hall, a blacksmith, an alchemist and a fishing hut.

Related QuestsEdit


  • You must complete all the quests related to Feshyr before you can leave the island.