Gromar is a side character appearing in ArcaniA. He is the loving father of Ivy, and future father-in law of the main character - Shepherd of Feshyr.

Background Edit

ArcaniA Edit

At the beginning of the game, Ivy informs Shepherd of Feshyr that her father Gromar want him to meet. It turns out that someone told him that the hero and his daughter are together. He is not pleased with this fact, but hero manages to persuade him to agree to their wedding. Gromar, not trusting right away with Shepherd, gives him a series of tasks so that he can gain his trust and in turn freely marry his beloved. At the beginning, the hero has to bring him a dagger from the tomb Melga, located behind the farmer's Knut fields . Then, hero must prove that it can manage to defend Ivy and must expel the smuggler of the island, which turns out to be Diego.

Doing the last task, he must prove that he can manage to feed his beloved, so he must hunt down three deer and bring their antlers as evidence. With the help of Ivy, hero finishes the tasks.

In the meantime, it turns out that Knut also asked for the hand of Ivy and Shepherd of Feshyr must fight him. After hero proves himself, Gromar gives his blessing to marry his daughter.

Fate Edit

In the end, Gromar is killed by Blood Vipers when they attack Feshyr.

Character Traits Edit

Gallery Edit

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