Karella is one of the two daughters of Ethorn VI appearing in ArcaniA expansion Fall of Setarrif.

History Edit

ArcaniA Edit

Karella a girl at the age of 16 years. Although the king is a child, it does not dress like a princess. When Murdra met her, she thinks that she is a servant Ethorn VI.

Fall of Setarrif Edit

Karella sent a messenger to Rhobar III to this setarrifczykom help in the fight with the demon. When Nameless arrives at the place, it turns out, she was kidnapped by the Orcs under the command of Grosh and taken to setarrifskiej mine. Thorus ordered to kidnap her, because publicly stated that he is responsible for what is happening in the city. However, the hero manages to save her, and she gives him the key of Wisdom Miltenowi needed to open the crypt of her ancestors. Later, the hero stops on the way to Selena and declares him that she, as a member of the royal family, should receive from the last Ahn'Nosiri artifacts Goddess, not nameless. Fulfilling struggle that Karella loses and gives the hero of the right to wear the artifacts.

Fate Edit

Probably still lives in Setarrif and help rebuild the city.

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