Lee is a side character appearing in ArcaniA and its expansion Fall of Setarrif.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Lee was formerly one of the greatest generals in the kingdom of Myrtana and the right hand of the king Rhobar II. His biggest success was the defeat of General Lukkora leaders of Varant, luring him from the desert to the swamp, where nimble troops Lee quickly coped with severe foot Lukkora. He became one of the first heroes of Myrtana and thanks to him Varant was attached to the kingdom. The King thought highly of the general council and counted with his every opinion, which nobles of the Rhobar court didn't approve of because they Lee's position. In order to get rid of obstacles pretenders murdered the kings wife and accused for it Lee. Rhobar had no choice. Since the death of Lee saved perennial exemplary service - he was thrown into a penal colony. There, he swore revenge on those who ruined his life.

ArcaniA Edit

Lee is again general of Myrtana, serving the new king. After arriving on the island Argaan, at the behest of the king he began the siege of the royal city Setarrif. It is one of the most trusted people in the court of the king. He helped Rhobar III to master the continent. He was one of the first who learned of the king possession, but could not do anything about it. Shepherd of Feshyr isin't able to meet General Lee, as the city of Setarrif is closed due to the siege.

Fall of Setariff Edit

During the expansion he hides together with Lord Hagen in the tower and watches the slow decline of the city. He gives tips on how to defeat the demon and its origin. Lee later hands him also one of the keys required to progress.

Character Traits Edit

Lee is thoughtful and composed, respected among subjects and very charismatic. Masterfully controls two-handed weapons and his favorite weapons are double-edged axes and heavy swords.

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