Melgan's Tomb is a main story quest in ArcaniA.

Acquisition Edit

Given by Gromar after speaking with him.

Walkthrough Edit

You have to get to the caves. Jump down and climb. As a matter of fact you will get to the entrance. Here, you will find some sick molerats and it is very important not to let them to bite you. One of you enemy is located near the exit - you do not have to go there. The most important thing is to get to the tomb. Get close to it and take the Melgan's Dagger. Open nearby chest and take round wooden shield. Return to village. Gromar should be standing near one hut. Speak with him and give him the dagger. You will be given a second trial. Talk to Halwen, Orruk and Knut and try to learn who had told Gromar about your relationship.

Rewards Edit

  • 300 EXP
  • 28 EXP for each molerat
  • A Smuggler in the Forest

Results Edit

  • Unlocks the quest, A Smuggler in the Forest.

Notes Edit

  • If you are looking around the top of the wooden camp in the west of the village, you will find a chest with supplies that you can use in the first battles. You can also find other equipment in the chest of the beach next to the fishing boat. If you go south from the barn, you will find a small cave and "amulet of tenacity" in it.