Minecrawlers are insect creatures encountered on Argaan.

Background Edit

Minecrawlers belong to the most dangerous creatures on Argann. Minecrawler workers don´t count among the largest of their species, but they are still enormously strong. Their natural realm are the caves that they keep enlarging and that they defend vehemently. If they track down an intruder, minecrawler workers will attack it mercilessly. They do this partly by digging themselves in with incredible speed and approaching their victims underneath the surface. Then they dig themselves out in a flash and ambush the intruder. Minecrawlers have very strong natural chitin armor, which is sometimes used as an exotic raw material.

Minecrawler soldiers are distinctly larger and more powerful than the workers, and are the protectors of the minecrawler nest. Minecrawlers will fight to the death to defend their queen.

Notes Edit

Gallery Edit

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