Ningal is a black magician of Mora Sul and the grand master of Tooshoo appearing appearing in ArcaniA and its expansion Fall of Setarrif.

History Edit

Early History Edit

He was born in Varant where he became an assassin. Eventually, he joined the circle of black magicians, whose main sanctuary is located in Bakareshu.

ArcaniA Edit

Stops in Tooshoo and represents the god Beliara there. During the first interview with The Unknown it is not very sympathetic and called it a neophyte. Soon Ningal notes that Anonymous is quite useful, but still rather no love him respect. Later he travels with other masters to Thorniara where he helps the hero to get to Rhobar III giving him the key to the gate, after the hero activates all the obelisks in the area of poverty and banish the undead. He is the founder of one of the three ways to remove the barriers surrounding the amulet Dreamer. Nameless must then bring five hearts of Ahn'Bael circulating in the city.

Fall of Setarrif Edit

Ningal however, went in the vicinity of river of lava, where the expected hero. There, after a short conversation, Ningal teleports him to the underground ruins near Setarrif. He's not met in the game afterwards.

Character Traits Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Ningal is the only character from Varant appearing in Argaan.

Gallery Edit

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