Orruk is an ork leaving on Feshyr during ArcaniA,

Background Edit

Early Life Edit

Orruk lefts his clan in order to explore the world. When he reached Feshyr, Orruk became a servant for Gromar. At some point he accidentally killed Knut's father and hid his body in the forest.

ArcaniA Edit

Shepherd finds out that Orruk has found an amber on the beach, needed to make engagement bracelet for Ivy. To get it, it must bring some oranges of blue toad. After the hero gets the items, Orruk rewards him with the amber. He can also be questioned in order to find out who told to Gromar about Shepherd's and Ivy's affair.

Fate Edit

Like other denizens on Feshyr, Orruk was killed by Blood Vipers when they attacked the village

Character Traits Edit

Orruk is faithful to his master Gromar and trusts the people on Feshyr. He has a brother named Darruk.

Trivia Edit

  • Although he is a trader, the Shepherd of Feshyr can not buy anything from him.

Gallery Edit

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