Renwick is the ruler of Stewark and brother of Herta and Liuven appearing in ArcaniA.

History Edit

ArcaniA Edit

During ArcaniA, Renwick serves as the ruler of Stewark. His adviser and deputy aristocrat is Mermund. His brother and sister betrayed Renwick and incite his subordinates to rebel against him. To meet with Baron, Shepherd must prove that he is worthy. To do this he has to improve the situation in the city - including rescuing Mermunda from rebel captivity . After that, Renwick gives Shepherd one of three armors and a shield with the emblem of the city and sends him with the documents to Castellan Srebrowodu to meet Gilthora. The hero can also assist the rebels and act against him. Then it turns out that the Baron works with Rhobar III. With the help of the hero Renwick is overthrown and sent to the dungeon. Its subsequent fate is decided by the people of Stewark.

Character Traits Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Renwick has the same clothes as Rhobar III.

Gallery Edit

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