Swampshark is a giant annelid living in swamps around Southern Islands.

Background Edit

Swampsharks long, 'stretched' bodies are covered with little appendages and on the backside, also with horns. Their heads end in a huge mouth, consisting of three jaws with countless sharp teeth, bent in different directions - so that the victim certainly could not escape. Eye witnesses report swampshark attacks that seem to come out of nowhere. The swampshark combines enormous strength with stamina and cunning, making it a very dangerous enemy. Initially, the old forms of this monster lived only in water, but the evolution of food and thirst brought them to the land, making, them amphibians. 

Their long segmented body covered with many small receptors listening for any movement in the water, so as the air and soil - depending on where the worm waits its future food. These sensors replace swampsharks eyes. On the back of these creatures you can also find small horns needed to defend against any attack from the back.

The light, but at the same time strong as metal armor chitin plates cover the whole body, making them virtually invulnerable to human weapons. And only a man of rare strength, armed with especially durable and sharp sword can manage to break through this armor.

They live in marshy areas, often in the sun warmed shallows and sandbanks, marshes, where you can easily go unnoticed in the background of the surrounding countryside. Their main food throughout life are bloodflies and all sorts of small animals, who wander into the marshes.

Swampsharks are serious opponents. On the exterior look is not very fast, but their movement is incredibly precise and calculated to the millimeter.

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Gallery Edit

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