The Witch in the Woods is a main story quest in ArcaniA.

Acquisition Edit

Given by Diego after completing Itchy Feet.

Walkthrough Edit

Get close to the door leading to eastern caverns. After a short trip, you will get to the forest that was forbidden some time ago. You have to go north-east and kill some wolves. If it is possible try to fight with only one enemy at once. Beware of their strong attack (marked by the red color). It is good to examine one cave on the north. Kill some Dirt Crawlers and enter the cave. You will find a very useful, two-handed weapon here. Getting to the witch hut should be very easy. Examine the garden and search for some valuable herbs. Then look for another alchemical recipe for Alma's best. Warning! This is the last moment for ending all other quests. Speak with the witch when you will be ready.

Rewards Edit

  • 150 EXP
  • 35 EXP for each wolf
  • 5 EXP for each crawler
  • 30 Lightning Bolt scrolls
  • Vermin's End

Results Edit

  • Unlocks the quest, Vermin's End.

Notes Edit

  • It is good to search this location. Besides some normal items you will find a very valuable alchemical recipe for Alma's best here.

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