Troll is a creature encountered on Southern Islands.

Background Edit

Trolls live in clearings close to mountains wide enough to hold their enormous size. Trolls eat everything from berries to wolves. They attack with their fists, swinging at their prey or knocking it down by slamming the ground. Angry trolls also throw anything their paws can get hold of. Fortunately they are rather slow, so swift fighters can evade their attacks - one hit from a troll can be lethal. Although group of archers can easily kill one in seconds. They live in broad, spacious forests, gorges or natural caves.

Some goblins believe that trolls are they reborn ancestors who during their lifetime were great leaders. Therefore, one can often find whole tribes of goblins who settle with the trolls and fiercely protect them. As a rule, trolls live alone or (in rare cases) in small groups of 2-3 individuals.

There are three types of trolls - firstly, the usual, the above dimensions, with long fangs and red-colored skin. Secondly, cave. Often, cave trolls live together with the goblins. Here we have something like symbiosis - Troll guarantees goblins protection from almost any predator, goblins, as it can be assumed to have a "master" small services - clean from parasites, warm (goblins, unlike the trolls, know how to make fire) and etc.

The third kind is Black Troll who were met for the first time on Horinise by King Rhobar III. He is truly enormous - much more than usual troll, his head adorned with thorns and with unimaginable growths.

Also, it happens that trolls like to stand on the trade routes or simply roads connecting the settlements. And rob and kill the merchants, collecting trophies in their caves or in the forests of the lowlands. Why they do it - is still unknown.

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