Vermin's End is a main story quest in ArcaniA.

Acquisition Edit

Given by Lyrca after completing The Witch in the Woods.

Walkthrough Edit

Speak with Lyrca and move your new spells to your action bar. Now you can start exploring the caves. You will have to defeat some vermins here. You can attack your enemy with your sword or bow. When you will see that he has hide in his shell, strike him with your spell. You have to do it very quickly because he will be regenerating. When he will be outside once again, attack him and kill. Apart from vermins you will have to fight with some crawlers too, but they should be very easy. When you will have less that 10 scrolls in your inventory, you can speak with the witch and ask for more. After a while, you will get to the Loam Vermin Queen. Generally, you have to use the same tactic here. When she will hide, hit her with your spell. Watch out for strongest hits and use your health potion when it will be necessary. After the fight, Shepherd returns to the village only it to be found ravaged by unknown group of mercenaries. Filled with loss, Diego takes Shepherd out Feshyr island.

Rewards Edit

  • 650 EXP
  • 35 EXP for each vermin
  • 5 EXP for each crawler
  • 150 EXP for killing Vermin Queen
  • Heavy Leather Garb
  • The Cleaved Maiden

Results Edit

  • Unlocks the quest, The Cleaved Maiden

Notes Edit

  • Do not forget to open all chests located here.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the last quest on Feshyr.
  • This is the last time Feshyr is featured in the game.

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