With Bow and Arrow is a main story quest in ArcaniA.

Acquisition Edit

Given after completing What, No Bow?.

Walkthrough Edit

Equip your bow (button 2) and go for hunting. When you will see a deer target him and press left mouse button. One shot should be enough. Note that you will get antler automatically. In addition, you can search the body. To complete this quest, you have to kill three deers, but you can kill them as many as you want. . Eliminate them with your bow - just target the enemy, shoot and then run away. When you will have enough antlers return to Gromar. You will have his acceptance to marry his daughter.

Rewards Edit

  • 50 EXP
  • 31 EXP for each goblin 
  • Gromar Lucky Charm
  • For Ivy
  • Ancient Relics

Results Edit

  • Unlocks the quest, For Ivy.
  • Unlocks the quest, Ancient Relics.

Notes Edit

  • Beware of some goblins wandering in the area.

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