Xesha is a demoness and the main antagonists of ArcaniA. She is a great high priestess of Ahn'Bael.

Background Edit

Early History Edit

Xesha and other Ahn'Bael as Ahn'Nosiri served the Goddess. There were conflicts between them, which eventually led to a battle in the central part of the temple of their lady. Ahn'Bael suffered huge losses, the high priestess was trapped in a big block of ice, and even greater losses suffered Ahn'Nosiri, because the only priestess who survived the battle was Selena. The area of the battle was named resting place Xesha.

ArcaniA Edit

It's been a long time since the great battle at the temple on the top white-eyed. Xesha all this time was frozen in the ice. Abandoned faith in the Goddess and decided to take over the world, but in order to ensure safety sent Bloody Vipers led by Drurhangiem that attacked and burned the village on the island of Feshyr because, according to the prophecy, only a man coming from the same island will have enough power to ultimately end the life of the high priestess Ahn'Bael.

At a later stage the events, demoness orders orcs clan Gnatołamaczy abduct Lester, because apparently he learned something about the temple in the mountains. Demonica produces its astral projection and personally interviewing former member of the Brotherhood camp in the basement of the headquarters aggressive Greenskins. When Nameless arrives to rescue his friend, Xesha after a brief exchange of views nasyła him Magrokha and a few warriors.

For the next meeting between the leader of Ahn'Bael, and the main character comes in the temple of the Goddess, but Xesha trapped in an iceberg, and hero hears only her voice.

Then comes the so coveted by the great high priestess moment, as it emerges from the icy prison and with other Ahn'Bael goes to attack the monastery on a cliff, because in his basement hideaway is Selena. Nameless all this he learns from Xardas, who wants to save the soul of King Rhobar III of resetting it archdemon. The hero sets off to the monastery so, because only the last Ahn'Nosiri can seal Amulet Dreamer. Targa It also revenge because of Drurhanga learned that the high priestess Ahn'Bael gave the order to burn his home village. Meanwhile Xesha wreaks havoc on a cliff, killing most of the monks.

Fate Edit

Finally, Shepherd of Feshyr meets her face to face in an underground hideout of Selena, where, after a fierce battle, the hero kills the demon, thus completing the prophecy of Ahn'Nosiri.

Character Traits Edit

Xesha is the only distinctive Ahn'Bael. Just like her sisters, she is similar to the blue harpy except that it has a large dark purple wings and red demonic eyes. She posses no hair and is much stronger than ordinary Ahn'Bael. Great high priestess is also very brash and confident.

Gallery Edit

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