Zombie is a creature encountered on Southern Islands.

Background Edit

Zombies - an option that, in what could become a person after death. Especially after the "wrong" offensive. In contrast to the fallen during the battles, warriors after the death usually come into existence in the form of rebellious warriors and undead paladins or skeletons, zombies are those that were ordinary people and never fought in battles. Farmers, townspeople, traders who have found death at the wrong time are punished with eternal existence in the rotten flesh of a zombie. In half the cases, zombies can not come to life on their own, for their awakening requires a strong magic inherent from necromancers. Therefore, zombies strength is tied to the power of the spell the necromancer uses. This type of undead can not just lie at rest, as the skeletons of the same, so in most cases were addressed immediately after death for a particular purpose. The main application of this type of undead by necromancers in circles, is the protection of abandoned caches and laboratories, as zombies have a terrific sense of smell, and can easily orient themselves in dark rooms. In addition, they are indifferent to any damage, because their flesh has long lost any sense of pain. They stop only when they're beheaded or their body is dismembered and must be burn by magic or ordinary fire. Zombies can not die, but to maintain the form they need to constantly absorb organic food, otherwise their flesh rots, eventually turning zombie into a skeleton. Zombies can sometimes kill necromancers, which created them, or wander in villages where no one could give them resistance, destroying large settlements. Such settlement then becomes dead, which then no one dare to approach, not even an experienced hunter or warrior. Zombies can be met on the island of Khorinis. They lived there in the first place, in cemeteries and tombs. For example, during the search of one of the yunitorov King Robar III of, ex-convict Rudnikov Valley, he was met with special zombies, which were impossible to kill any weapons or magic. Together with the magician of fire Miltenom, ring used the spell "Death to the Undead", which finally slew dangerous enemy. Adventures fighting the zombies should be very cautious, verifying their time to attack and watching their actions. Despite the appearance, zombies are very strong and difficult to kill. Their decaying flesh softens all enemy blows, and zombies themselves are capable of inflicting considerable damage with a single blow. In addition, the decaying flesh and putrid poison can infect your blood, and then only antidote can save your life. Some zombies use gastric mucus to temporarily disorient the enemy, which not just has a terrible stink, causing vomiting and stomach cramps, but can also cause damage, since it contains a strong acid. After death zombies release the magic that raised them in the form of blue rays and light smoke.

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