Zyra is the spy of Rhobar III appearing in ArcaniA and its expansion Fall of Setarrif.

History Edit

Early History Edit

Long before the action Arcanii, Zyra as a young girl living in Mora Sul. Once she tried to steal a purse, which belongs to the future Rhobar III, when he is not yet king. After an unsuccessful attempt Nameless beat her for trying to steal, and then gave her a purse for the fact that it almost succeeded to rob him. Later she tried to continue to rob a hero, but later abandoned this plan. Nameless begins to treat as a father.

ArcaniA Edit

ameless first meet her in the "Cleaved Maiden". It is curious him and his story of the forge of the gods. Then he meets her in Stewark who will remain near the inn. Then, unexpectedly arrives in the vicinity of Tooshoo, where he is looking for, like a hero shrine elements. They share a quest. She explores the area outside a nameless descends to the underworld mysterious temple, beating dozens of undead, then there is a hidden piece of the statue. Zyra hero asks what the weather is going to bring. Whatever the answer Zyra wants the opposite weather and fulfilling struggle between them. After the fight, the hero has a choice of what to bring the weather. If, despite winning nameless bring this weather we want to Zyra, it asks him if he is eroding.

The next time Anonymous meets her in the fortress Thorniarze. He learns that Zyra is actually a spy for the king under the pseudonym Daka. She tells him that Rhobar not issued an order to attack Feshyr, and behind this organization Bloody Vipers with Drurhangiem at the helm. This information helps the hero in the subsequent stages of the journey. During the adventure becomes a friend of the Nameless, and even his companion.

Fall of Setarrif Edit

Lee tells Nameless that Zyra went to help Setarrifczykom. Magor meets and decides to help him. Provides information regarding residence Lester. He convinces also Magor to remove a barrier through which can go nameless.

Character Traits Edit

Gallery Edit

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